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About Us

Here at Aloha Aussies we breed for Quality, temperament and structure. Each of our dogs are treated with special care and are considered one of the family.  They have 6 acres to run free and a river to swim.  This provides them a healthy mind, body and soul.  We are located just 10 miles in the country from Florence on the Coast of Oregon.


Why Aloha Aussies?  It all started on the Island of Oahu where we first opened our Pet Grooming Shop.  We were in business there for 15 successful years.  When I saw my first Australian Shepherd there, I knew I had to have one!  When we decided to relocate to Oregon,

We found the perfect Aussie named "Indian".  After finding out about the Toys and Mini's, They were a must!  We own and operate a Pet Grooming Shop in town named "Aloha Pet Grooming"


It only seemed natural to name our breeding program NW Aloha Aussies.  We strive to provide the highest quality Aussie in a smaller package. Showing them and breeding is now our passion.

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